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Welcome to Al Furey Ministries

This is a powerful Apostolic initiative bringing a Father's heart to an unfathered culture. Millions of children and women have suffered horrific abuse over the decades as the fatherless cultures of Latin America leave massive wounds on everything it touches. Into the maelstrom of abuse, neglect, irresponsibility and pain, Al and Kathy Furey have been asked by leaders across the nations of South America, "Please come father us, so we can teach our men, rescue our families and save the children."

We are answering the call of concerned leaders from across Latin America who have asked us to come. In response we are committing the largest sacrifice of our lives. We are literally moving to Lima, Peru. We could not adequately satisfy the needs by flying over a few times a year. We have the opportunity to change the destiny of nations.

I have seen large missions projects, I've supported them, I've been a part of them - but I've never been in the middle of something this large, dynamic, powerful and far-reaching. We will headquarter at Camino de Vida, one of the most significant churches in South America. Dr. Robert Barriger, one of Latin America's most influential leaders has graciously extended the efforts of their entire team to work together in unity and strength. Working with a dynamic pastor like Pastor Robert, mentoring his team, and fathering hundreds of pastors across the nations of South America is a dream come to life! All my years of ministry have led to this one powerful, significant moment.

Kathy and I have committed the next five years to this task. We hit the ground running on August 1.
Would you please partner with me in this historic breakthrough? Kathy and I need your help right now - becoming a monthly partner for just 60 months would bring this to pass.

One of the key leaders in Argentina said to me, "Pastor Al, if you come, if you will do this - I am confident we will raise up hundreds of powerful young leaders in our churches. Please come and be with us. Please come and teach us wisdom, ministry, the power of God and reality of the Holy Spirit. WE need this my friend!"