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Al. Furey's fights spiritual battles on God's side, but it wasn't always that way. As an angry fifteen year old, Al was on his way to commit murder when he experienced a supernatural intervention by God's and gave his life to Christ.

Al developed under the ministry of Ray Bloomfield and Frank Houston; two of downunder's great men of faith and power. Some years later he graduated from what is now Southern Cross Bible College along with his wife Kathy.

As a father of three, former businessman, and pastor, Al has been actively involved in ministry for over 40 years, holding Crusades and Pastor's training conferences in over 60 nations. He has seen in excess of 100,000 people per night in attendance in his crusades in developing nations. Al at the present time is one of the few ministers that is legally allowed into Communist Cuba. He is ministering there on a regular basis and is having a groundbreaking impact amongst the Cuban church, pastors and people.

Through the anointed preaching of the Word of God Al is seeing God confirm His word with signs and wonders. There are reports of many miracles of healing and he is seeing great crowds of people finding Christ's ministry builds faith and also builds the local church. Al's ministry has always bore good fruit as people in the local church come into a renewed relationship with God the Father.

Al has the ability to teach deep truths whilst making them easily understandable and applicable to people of all walks of life. Congregations warm quickly to Al's easy manner, sense of humor and depth of experience as a campaigner in the Gospel. Such has been the success of his meetings that on numerous occasions the meetings have been extended to capitalize on the wonderful things God has been doing in the church. Al is a believer in the local Church and promotes its importance in his meetings; this is reflected in his ministry style and culture.

Al and Kathy are related to Pastor Brian Houston and the Hill Song network and live on Australia's Sunshine Coast, operating out of the Kings Church under its senior Pastor Steve Penny.